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My Coping Cards

My Coping Cards


My Coping Cards™ are thoughtful, positive affirmations, motivational sayings and suggested activities that can help get your day off to a great start. This assemblage of coping statements have been vetted by mental health professionals and can be used to replace the intrusive thoughts that take over when you feel anxious, stressed, or when facing challenging situations. Practicing mindfullness strategies on a regular basis by verbalizing these coping statements can help you stay in control. That, along with physical activity, can snap you out of a sedentary state, get your blood flowing and help clear your head. 


My Coping Cards™ offer reassurance that you can make it through any difficult period. With these cards on you at all times, you can simply pull them out and read the statements to yourself and complete an activity whenever you need to – no memory required. 


If one of the cards is especially effective, continue to repeat the statement like a mantra. Try to breathe slowly and deeply using your diaphragm as you read the cards to yourself or aloud. You can select several Activity cards weekly and integrate these into your routine as well. Together the cards are a powerful tool in helping manage your mood, which will have a positive effect on your happiness and overall well-being. My Coping Cards™ are 72 cards designed in three color coded decks representing positive Affirmations, suggested Activities, and Motivational sayings. The cards can be carried in your purse or wallet, placed on your desk at work, or magnetized on your refrigerator at home. 

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