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Teens go through so much.


I mean really, compared to what we, as parents went through, it’s a different game. It can be hard to understand or connect with your teenager and they may not completely open up to you.


You love them, obviously.


You want what is best for them and for your teen to live a happy, healthy life without getting caught up in all the pressures and influences that can pull them off track.

This is where we come in. Every team needs a coach, including the FAMILY TEAM.


We are that COACH!

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Parents, check it out:


You, most likely were not handed the tools to handle a lot of what your teen is going through

It is not your fault. You are not alone. We have spent many years studying, coaching, and teaching the type of social/emotional life skills that are so important yet so overlooked.

Now, through games, activities, stories, sharing, and caring we bring forth a NEW, POWERFUL experience to your teens that gives them the power to:

- Move towards a created goal

- Stand Up for themselves and their beliefs

- Forget other’s DRAMA and write, direct, and act in their own story.

- Seek SELF approval and remove the powers of PEER PRESSURE

- MAKE DECISIONS that move them forward in their journey

- and ultimately put all the pieces together for a:

- Happy

- Healthy

- Self Powered

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This is ALL you want for your TEEN!

Mission statement:

We help teenagers go from feeling unsure, lost and powerless in their lives due to peer pressure, drama, needing approval, no motivation and confusion in social circles, experiencing anxiety, frustration, and upset to feeling empowered with tools to create and go for what they really love, get past obstacles and blow through circumstances while they grow emotionally and socially on their own terms so that they can live a much more free, happy, fulfilled life they love.


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Teen US Registration

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