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Interactive, engaging experiences that give kids and teens access to their own Inner Powers so they can and will have MORE: Confidence, Joy, Freedom, Happiness, Fun, Contentment, Peace, Success... and LESS: Stress, Anxiety, Upset, Frustration, Overwhelm, Sadness, Limits...

In order to be their amazing, unique, awesome selves no matter what, going for what they love, being unstoppable and enjoying the journey along the way.

We use props, games, challenges, activities, and incorporate age and content appropriate FUN to ever experience.


What we do

MindZenMotion empowers kids and teens to confidently move through the world, bringing forth their own uniqueness, with a steadfast inner power that gives them the tools to go beyond circumstances and challenges so they can live more vibrant, healthy, happy lives. We know Kids!

How we do it

MindZenMotion is designed to give kids and teens the most powerful mindset tools to help them achieve their dreams while enjoying the journey along the way. This is done in a variety of ways. Click here for info on our different programs.


MindZenMotion Creator

Welcome.  My name is Scott Feld.  It may be a combination of both my long time studying and teaching mindset and self success education programs along with my own personal and professional successes and failures (and what I learned to with them) that qualifies me as the creator and presenter of this program.  I have started, operated, won, and lost in business pursuits.  


I have done the same in traditional education, relationships, and other personal experiences.  It is the “what I have learned and do” in the face of anything that separates me from the masses.  I study daily.  I never stop.  I am a great student and a better user of this amazing material.  I did not invent it.  Here, I bring it you in a way you can easily consume, use, and succeed simply, quickly, and powerfully.  How did I do this?  I have over 20 years training in many different mindset and personal development methodologies.  This, along with 25+ years working with kids, teens, and families in many different facets.  including team building, coaching, and even entertaining.  I can understand, through experience and research the problems, stresses, pressures, and un-certainties swirling around a teen and young adult’s mind daily.


I also understand the effect this has on the parent who only wants their child to “WIN” but doesn’t always know how to guide them through the wild adventure called "being a youth in the modern world".  Here, I present a program designed to give everyone a way to get what they never got and therefore could never give.  The “How to” use your brains, your minds, all that knowledge to become a complete, fulfilled human being.  Calm, Confident, Connected. 

Let me guide you through my different Quests, meet you in the live Immersions and/or Power Tool Personal Coaching sessions and help you become aware of what can bring you complete happiness.  I look forward to our journey together.  


Dax to the Max
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Happy Customer

After completing the goal setting scavenger hunt, I feel that I have learned a lot and I now have many tools to use in my everyday life. I have a better mindset about my goals and I feel closer to accomplishing what I desire the most.


Emma L.

I enjoyed the scavenger hunt experience. I usually do not take a lot of time to think about myself and my goals so it was a very good opportunity to focus and reflect on myself and the program made it exciting and fun!

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I had a great time completing the course and would recommend it for anyone looking to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.