Passion Led Us Here



Beautiful Young Girl

Gulia, Age 11

I think it is a great program. I learned alot and it helped me experience the power inside me so I can use it and I won’t freak out. I now believe in myself

Julian, Age 12

I learned how to set a goal and always keep thinking about what I DO want in my life (not what I don’t”). The program is really fun and one of the best things I did this summer

Johnny, Age 12

I learned how self confidence works. It’s the biggest thing I struggle with in life. It was really good

Beautiful Young Girl

Hayzel, Age 12

I learned I can do anything and it starts with my imagination. I love it, really well done

Olivia, Age 10

It was so fun. I learned alot. I learned I can reach out to people who have already achieved my same dream. That’s cool.

Saira, Age 11

It was good. Now I know how to set goals.

Beautiful Young Girl

Elijah, Age 12

It was good and I think it will help alot of kids. It was so fun doing everything with you. I now know I should say “ I am going to and not I want to.” Thank You.

Luke, Age 11

Everything was great. The best part was what I can now do with the baseball stuff you showed me.