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Gulia, Age 11

I think it is a great program. I learned alot and it helped me experience the power inside me so I can use it and I won’t freak out. I now believe in myself

Julian, Age 12

I learned how to set a goal and always keep thinking about what I DO want in my life (not what I don’t”). The program is really fun and one of the best things I did this summer

Johnny, Age 12

I learned how self confidence works. It’s the biggest thing I struggle with in life. It was really good

Hayzel, Age 12

I learned I can do anything and it starts with my imagination. I love it, really well done

Olivia, Age 10

It was so fun. I learned alot. I learned I can reach out to people who have already achieved my same dream. That’s cool.

Saira, Age 11

It was good. Now I know how to set goals.

Elijah, Age 12

It was good and I think it will help alot of kids. It was so fun doing everything with you. I now know I should say “ I am going to and not I want to.” Thank You.

Luke, Age 11

Everything was great. The best part was what I can now do with the baseball stuff you showed me.

"My son had suffered from such extreme anxiety from a very young age all the way up until age 9. There were so many things he was unable to do; even simple things like walk 10 feet away from me to throw something in a trashcan. There were things he wanted to do like go on a play date or sleep over his grandparents house but he was riddled with fear and anxiety. In a few short weeks working with Scott, Drew dramatically transformed. As the sessions progressed he was finally able to do so much lHe could sleep over his grandparents without calling home once, walk outside of our house to go get the mail at the end of the driveway by himself, go to a friends house on a play date without mom and so so much more! He was even finally able to join a sports team with peers for the first time ever. He became interested and eager in exploring life and trying new things. Not only was all this possible, but most importantly, his self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem soared! He came out of his shell and he was no longer a shy quiet kid when he first meets somebody new. He shares stories while in groups of people and no longer feels inhibited. Scott Feld works magic and has changed my son’s life. I feel that this experience has set the stage for his lifelong ability to function successfully as a human being, and as an adult later in life. I cannot thank Scott enough for what he has done for Drew and for our family!"

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